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Echelon Bike Fitting

Echelon Cycles offers a premium bike fitting service with our resident fitter Neill Williamson. Having 15 years of experience as a sports therapist, he has an in depth knowledge of physiology, injuries and how they relate to sports performance.

Neill is an active cyclist having competed in most disciplines including, track, cyclocross, time trialling, road racing, mountain biking and both long and short distance triathlon. He has also toured across many countries of the world. Neill is a British Triathlon Level 2 coach who has successfully helped athletes to race to medals at National and World age group level.

Bike fitting Procedure

Following on from Neill's role as a therapist, his approach to bike fitting is to assess the biomechanics of the rider and then fit the bike to the person's individual needs to allow that rider to achieve their personal goals.

The process starts with a detailed questionnaire to find out about the rider's cycling experience, past injuries, present concerns and goals for the future.

A biomechanical assessment then follows to understand the rider's movement patterns and to get a clear picture of the causes of any problems that the rider is currently experiencing on the bike.

The rider is then observed on their bike and positional alterations are made as necessary to achieve a harmonious balance of rider and bike. Shoes and cleats are assessed and altered as required. These changes will allow the cyclist to get the best out of themselves and their cycle.

At the conclusion of the fitting process the rider will be able to ride more efficiently which will result in more power, better pedaling dynamics and increased comfort on the bike.

2017 Prices

Bike fit – single bike - 2 hours - £120

Bike fit - 2 bikes of same type - 3 hours - £180

Bike fit – 2 different types of bikes (road and TT for eg.) - 4 hours - £200

These are just a few of the brands we stock, if you are interested in any other brands please get in touch.