Echelon Cycles - your Bicycle tailor!

The Bicycle Tailor


At Echelon, we treat every customer as an individual with unique needs and requirements. We therefore "tailor" every bike to suit YOU! Whether you are spending £500 or £5,000 your exact needs will be met.

Bike Fit


Every cycle sale is offered with a bike fit; take advantage of a standard, free of charge one or a half priced premium fitting. Handlebars & stems are often changed - generally at no extra cost. If saddles are upgraded then we do these at a reduced price.

Standard Tailoring


For some, an "off the peg" bike is perfect. A regular bike fit might highlight the need for a simple stem change for example. Riding hilly routes over long distances might also require the gearing to be changed. All of this is easily accommodated by us.

Detailed Tailoring


We are experts at taking an off the shelf bike and making more major changes - perhaps you'd like di2 electronic shifting? Maybe you have a favourite wheel brand? Perhaps you'd like the chainset swapping out for a power meter? Come in to talk to us - it is easier and cheaper to have the alterations made at time of purchase rather than further down the line. Have EXACTLY what you want from day one!

Complete Bespoke


We can create your dream build from scratch - do you want a lightweight climbing marvel, an aero TT machine or an off road gravel bike? We have a range of frames and components and can advise on your ideal build. Don't forget Ridley even offer custom paint schemes to give you the full "one off" experience!

Other Builds


Echelon are more than happy to do partial builds - perhaps you have acquired a second hand frame and need it building up. You may have two bikes which need components swapping over or you have all of the parts to build a bike but need someone to do it. Get in touch - we can help!