Our Brands

Giant bikes


Giant - the biggest bike manufacturer in the world - Giant produce some fantastic models with cutting edge technology. There is something for every discipline and at a number of price points.

Ridley bikes


We have been stocking Ridley bikes for a number of years and they are an Echelon favourite! Off the shelf options are available but we regularly custom build AND order with custom paint!

Kuota bikes


Kuota have all of the style and flair that you would expect from an Italian brand! The UK importer, DHW Agencies, offer a wide range of build options allowing us to offer you exactly what you want!

Echelon bikes


Our current Echelon frames are made especially for us by a famous Belgian manufacturer! We have a small range of frames which we build up to your unique requirements.

Wheel brands


We stock a range of wheel brands that we believe offer performance, value and durability.

  • Mavic
  • Hunt
  • Reynolds
  • Giant
  • Aerocoach
  • Handbuilt Echelon wheels



We have a great selection of riding gear from a range of manufacturers including:

  • Endura clothing
  • Echelon clothing
  • Funkier clothing
  • Fizik shoes
  • Kask helmets
  • Rudy Project eye wear